Whey Rain – The Honest Blend 1kg

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Product Description

  • High-quality whey protein blend (isolate + concentrate) with 23g whey protein per 32g serving.
  • Net Weight of powder : 1kg / 2kg, 31/62 Servings.
  • Easy on stomach
  • Better than regular whey proteins in the market.
  • Strictly NO AMINO SPIKING.
  • Tested by EUROFINS.
  • Value to customers. Easy on the pocket!
  • Proudly made in India.
  • What is mentioned on the label is what is inside. Absolutely no fillers or unclaimed ingredients.
  • This product is non-returnable.

Serving Suggestion

  • Suggested Usage : Mix 1 scoop (approximately 32g) Whey-Rain in 200ml cold water or milk in a shaker and shake vigorously until it is completely dissolved. To avoid/prevent froth formation, mix 1 scoop in 200ml cold water or milk in a glass or shaker and stir well with a spoon or fork until it is completely dissolved.
  • Use a mixing ball or spring or a shaker with strainer for better mixability experience. Pour liquid first and then powder.
  • Serving scoop provided inside the pouch for measurement. We highly recommend using a weighing scale for exact serving size.
  • Vary amount of Liquid according to your Taste Preference.
  • Whey-Rain can be used for many other purposes. Use it in oats, pancakes, shakes, smoothies, brownies and other baked goods.


  • This is just a whey protein supplement. It will help you reach your daily protein intake if you are unable to complete through whole foods. All in all, it just makes consumption of protein convenient. Do not substitute your diet with this. Remember, FOOD FIRST! SPEND WISELY
  • Genuine Advice : Whey-Rain is useless without proper diet and exercise regimen. PS : No brand will share these simple logical statements since marketing gimmicks are involved in the name of technology and scientific words. We are totally against it.
  • Complete your daily protein requirement. An average 65 kg Indian person needs 54g Protein per day according to ICMR-NIN. Try to consume approximately 1g Protein per KG of bodyweight per day. Use a combination of whole foods like chicken, fish, dairy, lentils etc.
  • Buy WHEY supplement only if you are unable to complete your daily protein requirement through whole foods.

    This product is suitable for :-
  • Any man or woman above 18 years of age can take Whey-Rain at any time of the day or pre/post workout.
  • Anyone who wants to complete daily protein requirements.
  • Anyone who engages in intense physical activity and wants to maximize muscle mass. Whey-Rain is ideal in such a case because it is absorbed faster and is easier for the body to break down and use.
  • People who are calorie conscious and want to consume as much “real food” as possible.
  • Anyone seeking a pure, rapidly absorbed whey that’s easy on the stomach.
  • Whey-Rain helps in the recovery and repair of muscle tissue faster than other regular whey products.



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Customer Reviews

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Pankaj Khurana

good taste, no digestion problem

Arpith S

Trying whey protein for the first time and no regrets. Purchased kulfi flavour. Its too good when taken with milk. Never faced bloating issues till now. Thanks Gayor Team.

Thank You Arpith :)

Gobikrishnan S
Bad logistics

I opted for express delivery but the order is not delivered yet after 10 days. This is the second time I'm experiencing this. The protein powder is good though.

Apologies. We were with you continuously on whatsapp till the time of delivery. I hope we were able to help you :)

Harshita Nayak

Whey Rain – The Honest Blend 1kg

Thank You Harshita :)

aryan chanana

Whey Rain – The Honest Blend 1kg

Thank You Aryan :)

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