Gayor Essential is a part of UMAC (Universal Medicament for All in the Country) Pharmaceuticals, which is an offshoot of Care Pharmaceuticals founded in 1995. The company is owned by Mr. Chirag , an experienced professional, who believes in the importance of public healthcare and in turn creating a healthy, vibrant, and happy country. His make focus is QUALITY and not price wars. Gayor essential is the FIRST brand in India to launch Essential Amino Acids and Properly Dosed Pre Workouts back in 2018. Click here Link 1, Link 2 to know more.

A Unit of UMAC Pharmaceuticals

Gayor Essentials forayed into the rising healthcare and wellness industry with a goal to supply premium-quality dietary health supplements to athletes and bodybuilders. Our high-quality pre and post-workout products, whey protein, essential amino acids, properly dosed pre workouts and supplements are loved and trusted by fitness enthusiasts across the country. Gayor Essentials abides by the highest standards in its production processes, and all its products undergo uncompromising quality checks.
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