Intra EAA : Optimally Dosed 9 Essential Amino Acids

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Rs. 1,685.00


ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS with optimal dosage.

11.2g EAA’s in 14.25g Serving size.

There are 9 essential amino acids. These are not produced by body, hence supplementation.

INTRA-EAA contains all 9 EAA’s in optimal dosage.

EAA’s must contain adequate amount of BCAA and Gayor essential EAA’s ensure right amount of BCAA with other 6 essential amino acids.

We do believe EAAs would cover more basis for the serious athlete looking to maximize their muscle building potential and they are more bang for your buck. Though, you need to ensure that all the other variables are dialed in on priority. These include adequate protein intake from quality sources (meat, fish, eggs) and a solid resistance training programme which is followed consistently that allows you to progress over time.


  • Speeds up recovery during exercise.
  • Aids muscle protein synthesis.
  • Prevents muscle protein breakdown and supports muscle growth.
  • Enhances performance.
  • Full disclosure label. No proprietary blends.
  • Tastes best in 800-1000ml chilled water
  • Net Weight of powder : 371g
  • Use in conjunction with proper diet and exercise regimen

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