Derived from Milk

Whey protein is derived from milk. It is extracted during the cheese-making process, when milk separates into cheese-curd and liquid whey.

For ages, whey protein has been used by athletes and body builders to increase the rate of protein synthesis (muscle building process; anabolism of muscle mass), decrease the catabolism of muscle mass (muscle breakdown) and improve the rate of recovery after exercise or strength training.


More than 90% Protein

Whey protein isolate normally contains at least 90% protein. It is produced after carefully filtering excess fat, lactose, carbohydrates and other naturally occurring ingredients from whey protein (which has 80% protein).

Whey protein isolate also has a higher level of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), which help in maintaining and increasing muscle mass. It contains almost no lactose (milk sugar), so is great for those who are lactose intolerant. Highly recommended for all hard training athletes.


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